How to make a booking

There are two separate booking secretaries, one for regular weekday groups and one for casual one-off weekend events and private parties.  Please note that casual one-off events and private parties can only be booked on a weekend.

For regular weekday groups please ring 07443 872328.  For casual one-off weekend events and private party bookings please ring 07967 254368.

Hire charges for public/group activities:

Main Hall  Commercial/Business Rate £16-00 per hour  Community Rate £7-50 per hour 
Small Hall Commercial/Business Rate £14-00 per hour Community Rate £7-50 per hour
Both halls booked together  Commercial/Business Rate £27-00 per hour  Community Rate £15-00 per hour

Please note; if both halls are booked together total number of people must not exceed 120.

Individuals or groups hiring the halls are given 15 minutes either side of their booking time to allow for setting up and clearing away. If more time is needed to prepare for or clear up after an event please ensure enough paid time is booked.

Hire charges for private party bookings:

Main Hall £16 per hour;    Small Hall £14 per hour;     Both halls booked together £27 per hour.                                                      Insurance: The hall is insured through Norris & Fisher, Insurance Brokers Ltd and all hirers are encouraged to read through the Hirers Public Liability cover which is available via the following link:!hirers/cih77